Copytronics Copiers - Worst customer service I have ever seen!

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Our company leased a copier from Copytronics. They offer no customer support whatsoever, not even over the phone for any sort of breakdown. When we moved our office down the street, they wanted to charge us $400.00 to re-hook the machine! While experiencing a paper feeding problem today, we once again tried to call, and were told that for $495.00 we could have three 20-minute consultations via phone ... Seriously. We have two years left on a five year contract, and rue the day this salesperson ever walked into our office.

Do not deal with Copytronics ... you will live to regret it!

Do not deal with this company!!

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Fairport, New York, United States #760413

This is not accurate at all. Copytronics has dedicated service reps for each account, and also an office manager in Cocoa along with a Sales Manager. If you are not taken care of by them, Corporate has a team of individuals that will answer the call and ensure the requests are handled.

to the one Cocoa, Florida, United States #760429

I am seriously offended by your comment "this is not accurate at all" ...As you are definitely unaware of my particular situation with Copytronics.

EVERY WORD IS 100% ACCURATE. As you are located in New York, if you have any persuasion with the "Cocoa Sales Manager" or "Cocoa Office Manager" I would greatly appreciate your help in resolving the matter. This machine has not operated correctly for over a year, and we cannot even get customer support over the phone with additional charge. They DID INDEED want a $400.00 fee to re-hook the machine when we moved our office.

We have made over a dozen calls to Copytronics and our last conversation ended with the Copytronics personnel stating that "you should have read your contract" ... with a little laugh ... REALLY ...?

This is the "team of individuals" to which you are referring?Any of them can reach me at Cypress Mulch & Sod in Cocoa, Florida, at any time they would like to resolve my problems ...I'm not posting as anonymous!

Copytronics Copiers - Disgusted by Copytronics

Orlando, Florida 3 comments
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They have given us machines that barely function and are constantly breaking down.One of their machines broke and they were not even able to fix it.

We wanted nothing more to do with them and asked multiple times to be notified as soon as we could be released from our contract. We now have another one of their machines that no longer works and when we called for support and to try again to terminate our contract they informed us that our contract had just renewed for another year and that the price had also gone up. We never received any notification, paperwork, or call asking if we wanted to renew or notifying us of the renewal. When we told them that we had never been notified of anything they didn't seem surprised and didn't apologize.

We were just told, "too bad." So now we're stuck with a worthless machine and an even more worthless company.I would never recommend this company to anyone.

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Cocoa, Florida, United States #698461

Machine doesn't work properly. And they want almost 500 to tell us how to fix it :(


Well if you would just read the contract you can get out of if with a 30 day notice even if it has renewed.It also says it auto renews every year unless you notify them within 30 days.

they do send out renewal notices because i get one every year.I have known and dealt with them for 32 years.

to Striker9002 Orlando, Florida, United States #669404

You CANNOT get out of the 3rd party lease with 30 days notice without paying the buyout penalty. Obviously you have no idea what you are talking about, or you are the owner of Copytronics.

Copytronics Copiers - Missrepresenting Model #s

Winter Park, Florida 6 comments

I was looking to purchase a copier system.

I had Copytronics in Florida try to sell me a system with no Model # on it. They said don't worry "Trust Us". I did some research and it turns out there are many complaints & lawsuits!! They buy Generic Chips then sell them as...New OEM Products. Fraud if I have ever seen it!!

In their Jacksonville Location an employee left after many years there due to the many Dishonest things going on.

It is hard to trust any Company these days Large or Small. It is sad when a "Private..Local" Company can be as bad as the news you see on television. Just goes to show you... Do all of the research you can before buying anything these days.

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there was a lawsuit on it. and they lost.


This person has no idea what he or she is talking about. The chips they are referring to turn a slow machine into a faster machine> they are not chips to reset a used machine to sell as new. The manufacture supported them on this and is ok with it.


your complaints are baseless and misleading.

to who cares Orlando, Florida, United States #624244

Nice attitude. Convinces even further to not conduct business with such horrible customer focus.


BEWARE of these idiots. Rent from anyone except them.


These guys are a group of *** men! they will rip you off and not look back

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